Recently Stockholm witnessed a grand celebration of Indian art and culture in form of ‘Stockholm Cultural Festival 2017’. Luckily this years theme of Stockholm cultural festival was ‘India’ so the majority of events/activities focused on Indian art performances and culture. I also got the fortune of participating in one such activity called ‘Sharing Sweden – India’ art workshop […]

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to make you feel poor. But the entire idea is that once in a while we feel poor because of somebody’s richness. So, this is a throw back into that earliest memory of yours when you felt poor. So, let’s roll it out! I grew up in India, where […]

British Raj

Even after 69 years of India’s independence from British rule, it is impossible to forget the atrocious agony Indians had gone through to snatch this rightful independence. The British ruled on the Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947. Even today we suffer from its consequences like perennial feud between India and Pakistan,


We go blind to things around us, some are naturally blind, others are accidently blind, some are voluntarily blind, and others are blind from inside.


Read about my training experience with engineering and MBA students in a rural area. This is about the challenges facing these children and also about infinite potential these ordinary or underprivileged students possess. This also brings our attention towards how one positive initiative by a bunch of people is bring education to hundreds of girls in a village.

The Syrian War: What You’re Not Being Told I am deeply moved by this video and feel so sad about how world’s major powers are involved in supplying weapons to sustain this endless war. We all as responsible citizens of this planet need to take vigilant actions to create awareness about behind the scenes intention of this […]

We have heard as well as been to wildlife safaris in India and abroad. Jim Corbett National Park for tigers, Kanha National Park for tigers, panthers, bears and elephants, Kaziranga National Park for one horned rhinoceros and Gir National Park for lions are famous national parks for wildlife safari. But have we ever heard of ‘human safari‘? Shocked? So I […]

Well I am not saying this just for the sake of gaining your attention but my statement is backed by a solid evidence from my personal life. Brooding over a lost thing is human nature then the loss can be of a thing or a life. We love our bags, shoes, books, money, pets, family, friends or any other […]

  We often think that the more we get, the more accomplished and happy we become. Is it? Has anyone ever become happy like that? I don’t think so. The more the desire to get, the more dissatisfied we become. Isn’t it?

Life offers tremendous possibilities to you to grow by leaps and bounds.You live in a hope that your tomorrow will be better than yesterday or today. You got to believe that!