Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to make you feel poor. But the entire idea is that once in a while we feel poor because of somebody’s richness. So, this is a throw back into that earliest memory of yours when you felt poor. So, let’s roll it out! I grew up in India, where […]


I instantly fell in love at my first bite of Semla (semla-singular, semlor-plural), my beloved Swedish buns. It is not just its sweetness which makes it so lovable but it is everything one can imagine in a dessert. It has tender sweetness, very soft and fluffy, creamy, and rich in almond and cardamom flavors. Oh! it’s so […]

aloo bhaji recipe

Puri-aloo bhaji is a famous North Indian cuisine which needs no introduction. It is a commonly savored food on a holiday morning. Moreover, there is only little preparation required to make this ever delicious ‘puri-aloo bhaji’ with minimal ingredients needed.

puri-instant indian bread

Everybody knows what puri is. It is a very popular Indian bread eaten almost on every festival then be it Holi, Diwali, Rakshabandhan or Dusshera. Puri is fried in refined vegetable oil but it is relatively healthier in a sense that it is made from whole wheat flour. If good quality refined oil is chosen for deep frying then fried puris won’t be as bad for your health.

Let me roll out the recipe now, don’t worry, it is really simple.


Be it paneer pakoda, samosa, papdi chaat, or tikki, nothing tastes as good without ‘hari chutney’ or ‘coriander chutney’. Hari chutney is inevitable with any of the Indian snacks. The kind of hari chutney we get from the market is either adulterated or lacks adequate flavours. Here, I would like to share with you all a unique recipe […]

Waking up to a lazy Sunday morning when you don’t want to go for any elaborate cooking but feeling hungry like anything, then I have a very easy solution for you which will get you tasty breakfast on the table in just 10 minutes.  All you have to do is:


I am a big fan of pav-bhaji. My love for pav-bhaji never fades out. And why should it when it is actually so amazing? The bite contains in it flood of various spices and cooked vegetables. The soft and light buns dissolve in mouth almost instantly. It is by far a healthier snack option than many others. […]


Good news for vegetarians, ‘kababs‘ can be vegetarian too. Most of us are aware of it but very few know how to make them at home. Hara-bhara veg-kabab is gaining popularity among the youth in India not just because it is a new kind of veg cuisine but because it is a bundle of crunchy snack amalgamated […]


Throw away those market bought mushroom soup powders because now you can make your own mushroom soup at home just about anytime in no time! Mushroom soup works as a wonderful appetizer, being rich in vital minerals, vitamins, protein and other essential nutrients it becomes our obvious choice. It can be savoured anytime of the day, however, […]


Friends, all of us mouth water at those assorted gourmet muffins and pastries we see at the confectioners’ windows. But often they are highly priced. But how about pulling these droolworthy gourmet muffins at home? (DRUM ROLLS) No kidding. You can definitely bake blueberry & raspberry banana muffins at home anytime you’re bitten by this craving. So, friends, what […]