What is your earliest memory of feeling poor? (Humorously Intended)

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to make you feel poor. But the entire idea is that once in a while we feel poor because of somebody’s richness. So, this is a throw back into that earliest memory of yours when you felt poor.

So, let’s roll it out!

I grew up in India, where even the primary schools have compulsory uniform for students.

Since everyone wore the same uniform so there was no question of judging anyone based on the uniform.

I must have been in just 2st or 3nd standard, that means, just 7 or 8 years old when one day I noticed that my classmate was eating a sandwich. Now, what was so special about that sandwich that made me feel poor?

The classmate’s name was Hina (if I recall correctly), one of the notorious pupils in the entire school. Her sandwiches had like 1 cm thick layer of BUTTER on it. Trust me, I am not exaggerating it all. It is true!

I thought her mother used to sandwich the whole Amul butter bar between 2 slices of bread. I mean it is such a luxury to have whole Amul butter bar in your sandwich! Isn’t it?

I loved butter a lot and I do even today. So, to me it was the first sign of richness. She became the richest child in my eyes. My mum used to apply bits of butter, spacing them out equally on one slice.

The next level of poverty dawned on me when I saw someone eating a sandwich with both butter and jam. Now, that blew my mind. I mean you either ate sandwich with butter or jam. Simple!

Who developed this concept of having the luxury of both at once? I don’t know.

Now, when I grew up a little more. I once visited my aunt, my mother’s sister. She prepared a sandwich for my cousins with butter and mango slices together in one. Now this is insane!

So, when I returned home I told my mother about it, and to my surprise she didn’t look surprise. I was perplexed.

She explained once and everything got sorted for me. She told me that she and my dad would sometimes eat milk cream or cooked vegetables pressed between bread sliced. She added that I could eat anything between two slices of bread. My whole perspective about sandwiches changed forever. But it was only about sandwiches. Moving forward, I felt a lot poorer on different grounds 😊

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