British Raj

Europeans remain oblivious to British Raj in India

Even after 69 years of India’s independence from British rule, it is impossible to forget the atrocious agony Indians had gone through to snatch this rightful independence. The British ruled on the Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947.

Even today we suffer from its consequences like perennial feud between India and Pakistan, and people taking advantage of division based on cast, creed and religion. However, the caste system existed before British came to Indian, but they were the ones who took it to their advantage at first and now it thoroughly absorbed in the system. The difference today is that the Indians (politicians, particularly) themselves have learned to use this feature of Indian society to their advantage. Just the ruler has changed. The damage brought by British in India can be listed at length and we, all Indians, are aware of it because we are the sufferers of this corrupt system. The seeds of corruption were sown by them in first place.

If you talk to any European or British for that matter, the only bad thing that they can recollect from the alleys of history is the Nazi racial policy between 1933 and 1945 when six million Jews were killed. But nothing about what British did to Indian, how brutally and ruthlessly they were treated and killed. Numerous Indians laid down their lives to achieve their beloved nation’s independence. What happened to Jews during that time is equally condemnable, but having forgotten about British raj is also unacceptable.

Even though Indian is boldly making continuous developments but the scars and wounds given by British can’t be pardoned till date.

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