Supermoon was Not all happy news after all!

Hey fellas! I hope you all are hailing well post-supermoon day.

I know it may sound shocking to you, contrary to all the happy news and surprising news that were rolling out by our big-mouth media! The most recent supermoon occurred on November 14, 2016, the closest to Earth since January 26, 1948, and the next one like this will not be until November 25, 2034.

No doubt, it was a special occurrence of our lifetimes. We might get to see it only one more in our lifetimes. This was my first and I have a chance of witnessing it only one more time. But supermoon is not all that good after all. It has some strange and negative effects on human behavior, and on sleep quality and quantity. Besides, it has impact on reproductive behavior, fertility, birthrate, and blood loss.

This is not just about supermoon but every fullmoon and newmoon. This effect on humans is called lunar effect. It is also referred to as moon madness. For those who are keen on learning more about the lunar effect, go and check out lunar effect on Wikipedia.

I am not the only one saying this and experiencing its impacts. It has been proven by scientists from all around the world who have been working in this direction. By the late 1980s there were at least 40 published studies on this effect and its impact on human behaviors.

I personally had bad sleep on the supermoon night 🙁

I hope now you guys also agree with me that supermoon was not all good after all!

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