During my recent visit to Sagar Ratna, a premium South Indian Restaurant in India, I was browsing through the menu card and I came across an array of chinese cuisines along with dozens of South Indian dishes. At first I thought of ordering Hakka noodles but a second later I told myself, ‘sitting in a South Indian restaurant, ordering […]


Whenever it is snack time it means it is samosa time. In India, especially in the northern regions of it, samosa is analogous to snacks. And it accompanies tea so well. To most, it is a must evening snack to grab when little hunger troubles them, then be it at home or work. When a snack like […]


Everyone is crazy over chinese food. Increasingly more and more food companies are coming up with new range of chinese products, chinese frozen foods, chinese spice mix, etc. This is one area which is very unlikely to go down or bear any losses. Anyway, talking of chinese food, let us learn today how to go about making tasty […]

The Syrian War: What You’re Not Being Told I am deeply moved by this video and feel so sad about how world’s major powers are involved in supplying weapons to sustain this endless war. We all as responsible citizens of this planet need to take vigilant actions to create awareness about behind the scenes intention of this […]

We have heard as well as been to wildlife safaris in India and abroad. Jim Corbett National Park for tigers, Kanha National Park for tigers, panthers, bears and elephants, Kaziranga National Park for one horned rhinoceros and Gir National Park for lions are famous national parks for wildlife safari. But have we ever heard of ‘human safari‘? Shocked? So I […]

Well I am not saying this just for the sake of gaining your attention but my statement is backed by a solid evidence from my personal life. Brooding over a lost thing is human nature then the loss can be of a thing or a life. We love our bags, shoes, books, money, pets, family, friends or any other […]

Bread crumbs are indisputably liked by all family members equally. Then be it morning breakfast or evening, break crumbs go really well anytime.

Here is a quick recipe of tasty tangy bread crumbs. Read below to learn it in one go 🙂