Looking for some fresh and light taste in breakfast? Then salad becomes your obvious choice. This high on fiber and low on calories recipe is very healthy for your body. But salads do not have to be boring always! To learn how to make your bowl of salad interesting, read on  😉

‘Besan ke Gatte’ is a Rajasthani cuisine, fondly consumed across Western and Northern India. If you want to break through the dal and sabzi monotony, try besan ke gatte and you will fall in love with this recipe and so did my husband. He got so intrigued by its flavours and taste that he asked me for […]

There are always occasions of celebrations and no celebration is complete without sweets. Rice pudding or kheer is a promising sweet which doubtlessly goes well on any occasion, then be it any festival, birthdays, friends or family get together, nothings beats a yummy nuts rich kheer. Here is a secret to the world’s best rice pudding or […]

This wonderful journey began on a cold Thursday night, just 3 days before the new year 2016. My family and I were very excited for this trip together after a long time. We stood ready at Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station with our bags packed full for a 2 days trip to Amritsar. The weather was superbly pleasant, wasn’t […]

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is a kind of solution to extend conventional data center management operations to incorporate physical resources and assets used in the Information Technology (IT) as well as Facilities domains. DCIM involves integrated monitoring, administration and brilliant capacity planning of critical systems of the data center.

Drip marketing is an automated marketing process with focus on sending a set of messages to its potential buyers or leads at the right point in time and in right length in order to move them through the cycle of sales. Drip marketing aims at being in touch with the potential leads by bringing lead-specific relevant information […]

  We often think that the more we get, the more accomplished and happy we become. Is it? Has anyone ever become happy like that? I don’t think so. The more the desire to get, the more dissatisfied we become. Isn’t it?

Life offers tremendous possibilities to you to grow by leaps and bounds.You live in a hope that your tomorrow will be better than yesterday or today. You got to believe that!

To spend life living in fear, never exploring our dreams, is cruel. 

Surrender yourself to life

  Has anyone wondered why all the superheroes remain oblivion to their extraordinary powers which they only come to realize when they encounter adversities? Does this hold true for all of us, the ordinary beings, also?