Life is a bumpy ride

Live like there’s no tomorrow, Dance like there’s no one watching, And sleep like there’s no worry.

  I am a voice longing to be heard, I am a thought worth spreading,

There comes a time in our routine when we get bugged by a parasite called Loneliness. Feeling alone does not come merely with isolation but it comes when we start feeling unrelated with our environment. Sometimes when we stop living in present and surround ourselves with the thoughts of some kind of fantasy then we stop participating […]

buddha wisdom happy

There comes a time in our life when no amount of actions and strategies seem to take us closer to our destination. We toil day in and day out, and pray ardently to the Almighty to grant us our wish. We almost tend to beg him to grant us what we want. But nothing seems materializing. What […]

  A life lived without a purpose is a life not lived at all. Get up in the morning. Get ready for the school/office. Finish your job. Return home. Have your dinner. Go to sleep. Start another day in exactly the same. In this fast paced life we find ourselves doing exactly the same monotonous things everyday. […]

  In my life of 27 years I haven’t witnessed any life which has no problems. Life is never meant to be easy. It is by nature is tough. Some people are struggling through endless life threatening health problems, while others are juggling through financial crisis and some are grinding between relationship issues. Well, these 3 kinds […]

turn poison into medicine

  The poison in “Turning poison into medicine” refers to our problems or difficult circumstances. Any human being has the full potential to turn/convert poison i.e. negative or poor circumstances into medicine i.e. positive or hopeful situation.

Dawn-Rise of hope

  Very often we refer to past our incidences whenever we are about to do something which had resulted in failure and end up getting overwhelmed by the failure. Thinking that our past would repeat itself, we are either too afraid to try or too certain of the negative result. But, let me ask you here, does […]

turn poison into medicine

  I’d risk the fall Just to know how it feels to fly What is Your Dream? Are You Living Your Dream Yet? So many of us often come across a situation in our lifetime when we feel deadlocked, have no clue about where to go and how to keep moving. Why is there so much discontent […]

When words no longer help expression When faith no longer keeps you bound When you no longer live a life of your own When you no longer thrive for your passion This is when you stop living.