Today was my first day of baking as a guest chef at The Workshop Diner and without surprise it turned out to be a really amazing experience. I was very excited for the day post my selection for this role. It was quite a busy day for Vanessa, the baker and owner of the cafe, because of […]


Hello my dearest friends! Like I said in my earlier post dated March 3, 2015 about sharing some quick-to-cook recipes for beginners, today I am sharing with you all a very simple yet healthy and tasty recipe of ‘Lentils Pasta’.

I stepped on the land of Sweden first on 21st December, 2014. It was past 8pm and I was with my husband, his parents and brother in their family car going towards their home from Stockholm to Ludvika. It was stark dark silent night and our car was almost gliding on the road, making close to no noise. […]