While my job search was on I had an added responsibility of revising my JAVA concepts and database concepts. The timings at my current job didn’t allow me to have control over my time. I ended up being damn tired and sapped out by the time I reached home. With low energy and low interest in studying […]

I look at world very differently ever since I have turned twenty five. I know am a girl and I am no exception to getting paranoid about my age. I felt as if I am running behind the time and what I am doing right now is not what I should be doing at this age. It […]

I never knew that meeting wrong people in life first is so important until I encountered best, or else I would have never known their credibility and importance in giving direction to my life. Now, I hold them close to me. I appreciate them and thank them for their presence. Life has so much to offer. So […]

I am filled with inspiration in just a day spent at ‘Shades of Happiness’ It is so overwhelming to see a bunch of college students and working professionals joining their hands to serve humanity at the most fundamental level. Their spirits are high to bring quality education to children living in slums in Delhi. That’s incredible in […]