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We often hear in news, through word of mouth and other media that people who succumb to the atrocities of life tend to attempt suicide. Such people in low-life state have a tendency to destroy their self accumulated achievements over years and years in a fraction of second. Some of them even force or kill their close […]

be positive

Trying and being positive, acting happy will one day lead to get hang of it sooner or later. Ultimately discovering a whole new beautiful world to live in… Which otherwise never existed 🙂

In the latter day of the law, i.e. today, while the teaching is present, so are the three poisons of greed, anger and foolishness that cause people to lose the aspiration for enlightenment. Gradually, through our daily practice and faith, we elevate and strengthen our life condition and manifest courage, compassion and attain true happiness.

“If you can’t make it great, then at least make it look great.” -Bill Gates

Three Poisons of greed, anger and foolishness (egoistic) cause people to lose the aspiration for enlightenment.

Faith Equals Daily Life

Happy are those who are undefeated Happy are those who are unafraid Happy are those who have strong faith You all are kings and queens of happiness.  

As We Strive Dynamically, Our Hearts are Free, Our Wings Enfolding The Happiness of the Universe.

A person’s karma is created by his or her thoughts, words and deeds. It is not created by the actions, words or deeds of anybody else, no matter how closely related they may be. This knowledge helps us to stop blaming others and feeling like a victim. Our tomorrows lies on the foundations that we lay today. […]