Recently Stockholm witnessed a grand celebration of Indian art and culture in form of ‘Stockholm Cultural Festival 2017’. Luckily this years theme of Stockholm cultural festival was ‘India’ so the majority of events/activities focused on Indian art performances and culture. I also got the fortune of participating in one such activity called ‘Sharing Sweden – India’ art workshop […]

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to make you feel poor. But the entire idea is that once in a while we feel poor because of somebody’s richness. So, this is a throw back into that earliest memory of yours when you felt poor. So, let’s roll it out! I grew up in India, where […]


I instantly fell in love at my first bite of Semla (semla-singular, semlor-plural), my beloved Swedish buns. It is not just its sweetness which makes it so lovable but it is everything one can imagine in a dessert. It has tender sweetness, very soft and fluffy, creamy, and rich in almond and cardamom flavors. Oh! it’s so […]

British Raj

Even after 69 years of India’s independence from British rule, it is impossible to forget the atrocious agony Indians had gone through to snatch this rightful independence. The British ruled on the Indian subcontinent between 1858 and 1947. Even today we suffer from its consequences like perennial feud between India and Pakistan,


Hey fellas! I hope you all are hailing well post-supermoon day. I know it may sound shocking to you, contrary to all the happy news and surprising news that were rolling out by our big-mouth media!

Eiffel Tower from bottom

Like most growing-up girls, my dream foreign destination was Paris, the city which speaks for love, romance, art and architecture. Ah…Paris, the city of Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty (yes…you read it correct), musee du Louvre, Grevin wax museum, beautiful churches, Disneyland, lovely gardens, long array of cafe, and much more. Every single thing contributing to making […]

aloo bhaji recipe

Puri-aloo bhaji is a famous North Indian cuisine which needs no introduction. It is a commonly savored food on a holiday morning. Moreover, there is only little preparation required to make this ever delicious ‘puri-aloo bhaji’ with minimal ingredients needed.

puri-instant indian bread

Everybody knows what puri is. It is a very popular Indian bread eaten almost on every festival then be it Holi, Diwali, Rakshabandhan or Dusshera. Puri is fried in refined vegetable oil but it is relatively healthier in a sense that it is made from whole wheat flour. If good quality refined oil is chosen for deep frying then fried puris won’t be as bad for your health.

Let me roll out the recipe now, don’t worry, it is really simple.


We go blind to things around us, some are naturally blind, others are accidently blind, some are voluntarily blind, and others are blind from inside.


Read about my training experience with engineering and MBA students in a rural area. This is about the challenges facing these children and also about infinite potential these ordinary or underprivileged students possess. This also brings our attention towards how one positive initiative by a bunch of people is bring education to hundreds of girls in a village.